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Expert Pond Repair In Ann Arbor, Michigan And Surrounding Areas

Keep Your Pond Functioning Properly So You Can Keep Loving It

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Keep The Water Flowing With

Expert Pond Repair

If you’ve ever had a problem with your pond, you know how frustrating it can be. You might have excess algae growth, or your waterfall might stop flowing.

When your pond suddenly stops functioning like it should, it’s extremely frustrating, and it can feel like you’re never going to get your pond back to normal.

But don’t worry – at Grass Roots Pond & Garden Center, we specialize in pond repair in Ann Arbor, which means we know exactly how to fix the issues. We’ll get your pond back to its original state in no time.

Give us a call today if you are experiencing any problems with your pond. We’re here to help!

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Too Much Algae In Your Ann

Arbor Pond?

Algae is vital to the health of your pond in Ann Arbor. It provides oxygen and food for fish and other wildlife.

However, excess algae growth can cause problems for your pond. Algae blooms can block out sunlight, preventing plants from getting the sunlight they need to grow.

This can result in a decrease in oxygen levels in the water, which can be harmful to fish and other aquatic creatures. Excess algae can also make the water murky and difficult to see through.

In addition, algae blooms can release toxins into the water, which can harm or even kill fish and other wildlife. As a result, it is important to control algae growth in your pond in order to maintain a healthy ecosystem.

Pond repair can keep your pond balanced and beautiful.

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How Pond Repair In Ann Arbor Works

We want to make sure that when you work with Grass Roots Pond & Garden, you are getting the best experience. That’s why we have crafted a process that not only keeps you informed, but front of mind. Take a look at our seamless process and start envisioning our partnership in transforming your backyard.

Contact Us Phone

1. Contact Us

Fill out our form on our contact page and provide us with the details of your pond problem. From here we will follow up with a phone consultation to talk more about your pond and dive into pricing and timeline.

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2. Pond Repair Begins

Once we have diagnosed your pond problem, we will work to set it right. During this time, we will keep you up to date on our progress and be available to answer any questions you may have during buildout.

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3. Enjoy Your Newly repaired Pond

Now you can enjoy your outdoor space once again. We will do a final walkthrough of your improved yard and address any concerns you may have. Time to relax and enjoy all the benefits of your water feature.

Pond Repair Prices In Ann Arbor

Enhancing your Ann Arbor yard is in investment that will bring joy for years to come. Take a look through our pricing to get a better idea of what your investment will cost.

Average Priced Pond Repair


Pond Repair Consult*

Includes assessment of pond and diagnosis of issues. Also includes suggestion for repairs, and if the repair is small, includes fixing the problem.

Pond Repair Consultation With An Exploratory Cleaning


Pond Repair Consult w/ Exploratory Cleaning*

Includes assessment of pond, diagnosis of issues, and suggestion for repairs.

Also includes Exploratory Drain And Clean.

*The pond repair prices above are averages and may vary depending on extent of repairs needed.

Our Portfolio

Your backyard should be a place where you can escape and relax. Browse through our portfolio to get a better idea of how we can help you create your private piece of paradise.

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Ann Arbor Pond Repair FAQs

Here are the popular backyard pond repair questions homeowners in Ann Arbor ask our pond repair team:

Here’s What Our Customers Say…

We are honored to work with some amazing homeowners. We can't wait to help you bring your pond visions to life, and to help you take care of your investment.

Mike RogersMike Rogers
23:23 25 Aug 22
Everyone behind the counter are a pleasure to do business with. Scott… God loves ya and needs you and so do I
senan abdul-hamedsenan abdul-hamed
22:15 22 Jul 22
Love this place. Wonderful people. They got beautiful koi
Lisa MiracleLisa Miracle
03:27 06 Jul 22
Absolutely love going there. The ponds and fish on display are beautiful and the owners and employees are always friendly and helpful. It’s my favorite place to visit.
Linda HandranLinda Handran
23:20 17 Jun 22
Everything you need for ponding and more! The owners and staff are very friendly and helpful. It's our favorite springtime destination!
Jeffrey TornoJeffrey Torno
18:52 17 Jun 22
I have been going to Grass Roots for over 20 years and there Service, choice of Kois and problem solving they do and half gets better and better every year and they are very dependable.They do an awesome job every year cleaning out my pond for summer. If they had a 6☆I would give it a 6. Great going Grass Roots.
Danielle FraleyDanielle Fraley
18:21 30 May 22
Grass roots has everything I need to keep my pond and fish healthy year round! Everyone is knowledgeable and friendly! Spring clean outs and end of season shut down services are efficient and timely. Everyone we talk to is very friendly and helpful. We love visiting!
Michael HoydicMichael Hoydic
15:13 12 May 22
I always have a good and pleasant experience when I visit Grass Roots you really don’t want to leave because of the friendly atmosphere

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